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This Saturday 9/10/2016, is a ride to Hurricane Ridge with the Rough Riders. Meet us at the Target in Silverdale, WA at 9am. KSU at 9:30am.

On the 17th of September, the Veterans in Kitsap County are hosting a toy drive/ride..more info soon to come.

icon FAQ's

1) Are you a 1% or AMC Motorcyle Club and do you claim any territories?

We are neither a 1% or AMC Motorcycle Club and intend to stay that way; and in no way shape or form do we claim ANY territories!!!

2) If your not a 1% club, then why do you have the 3 piece rocker with a city/state patch and why don't you ask permission?

Most of us are veterans and believe heavily in our constitutional rights. We mind our own business and do not get involved with other clubs unless they are like us, where all they want to do is ride and have fun. We ask permission from no one and require no one to ask us permission for what your rights are guaranteed by the laws of our great country and the countries of the world who accept our values. We refuse to be dictated to by anyone as to how we run our club. We are not welcome by many clubs because of our stand on many issues (such as allowing women in the club, mixed bikes, etc.) We do not conform to the protocols that are illegal and infringe on the rights of others. We accept our position in the biker world of being our own organization truly free of anyone's rules but our own. We follow the lead of those who paved the road for us in the 50's and early 60's. For all these reasons we wear a three piece patch.

3) Who can join and is there a hangout, prospect, or probate period?

Nope, no hangout, probate, or prospect period. However, all that we ask, is that you allow us some time for you to gain our trust and the privlage in wearing our patch. With that said, we encourage any one, any gender, and with any type of bike to join our clubThis club is wholeheartedly all about forming up, coming together, and enjoying the ride.

4) How many members do you have?

We have a few here and there. Somewhere between 1 and a million.

icon Farewell to our brothers and sisters who've gone for the eternal ride.

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icon 1 362 West Tahuyeh Dr., Bremerton, WA 98312

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